The Conrad Hilton Fund For Sisters appreciates the collaboration of Candace Scharsu, the CEO and Founder of The John Lege Project; since 2001 she has ascertained needs and affirmed project progress in an effort to improve the lives of  the disadvantaged and vulnerable people of Africa.

hilton fund for sisters

The St. Joseph de Cluny Sisters, missionaries giving the disenfranchised hope and means for hundreds of years, is pleased to acknowledge the collaboration and generosity of Candace Scharsu for 17 years. And as CEO-Founder of the John Lege Project the partnership continues: Their Blog about it.


 Dorothea Ross Foundation

"During my time at Dorothea Ross Foundation, we partnered with John Lege Project founder Candace Scharsu in our humanitarian work favoring smaller, self-sustaining children's projects. For 10 years we relied on Candace's knowledge, experience and advice. She provided accountability, visiting projects and assuring us our funds were at work. Her knowledge of Africa and its people was invaluable." Julie Byassee, former Administration, Grants Dept.