Pakwach, Uganda

We established a computer lab for girls at their primary school; and by August there'll be new toilets and showers for teachers and Headmistress; otherwise they'll bathe with the infamous monitor lizards that infest the place:)!

Gathering firewood for cooking, bathing, most everything

Gathering firewood for cooking, bathing, most everything

Monitor Lizards of Pakwach

Monitor Lizards of Pakwach

Karenga, Uganda, Northern Karamoja

After we provided costumes Karenga students competed in their National Contest, hoisting our Founder on their shoulders, an African gesture of profound gratitude. The whole community participated: strung beads, measured costumes, rehearsed dance and song, all under the elders direction. An especially good time to bring JOY, since Sudanese refugees trickle in from over the hill to become students.  

Kawaach Nursery Update

Kawach is already self-sustaining as a school, but doesn’t have excess to build further and establish the necessities whether it be extra toilets or rain tanks or a road. They’ve a vast patch of land that’s their farm: they provide morning porridge, and more, for students, who arrive on an empty stomach. The Kawach Farm has millet, maize, rice, bananas, papaya, oranges, lemons, beans, more; they raise chickens; rabbits, turkeys, ducks, pigs.

Gulu Daycare

JLP's establishing a Daycare in Gulu, Northern Uganda; will be owned and managed by the "Little Sisters of Mary Immaculate Gulu". We're collaborating with the Hilton Foundation's Branch for Sisters. And our Founder managed to get all the children's toys, books and stuffed animals from our Amazon Wishlist to stock the Daycare.

To help with supplies go to John Lege Amazon wish list

Dorothy's Wheelchair

Lotta Helping Hands till our Founder got Dorothy's legs there: her fancy schmancy new Wheelchair brought from NYC to within 6 miles of the Sudan border. She lives with a group of blind children and they all celebrate her new mobility, and their requested orange neon sunglasses, harder to find than the wheelchair:)  

Happy Cow Project

Can we have a "Happy Cow Project" when Maureen's sad? She's cantankerous about tick-removal; beats up the bulls we match her with; trys to escape in cars; runs away to neighbors. But hope arrived with the Karimojong Cow Whisperer, who says, "she needs a friend, another female, alone is bad. Youth of this pastoral culture need to learn to raise healthy Cows whose milk won't cause Brucellosis, a devastating disease. HELP make Maureen HAPPY:)!  

Morulem Update

In Morulem, Uganda: New toilets and showers are on the way for Staff and patients; at a Leprosarium turned general Health Clinic, under the loving experienced care of Nurse-Sr. Joyce Ambeifoc. Our Founder distracts a child from her injection for malaria.